Italian Dolomiti Marble Collection - Herringbone & Hexagon Mosaic, Subway Tile, Moldings, Baseboards

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Bianco Dolomite a flat white colored marble, often for flooring, on walls and in many interior design projects (kitchen renovation, shower remodeling, renovating bathroom, backsplash, flooring, cladding walls). We carry both White Dolomite Marble Tiles and Dolomiti Mosaics. Please browse our website and check out our selection of premium quality Dolomite Marble which can be used in many ways and even as a kitchen backsplash or on a shower wall. 12x12 marble tile, 3x6 marble subway tile, marble baseboards, marble moldings and liners, hexagon, herringbone, mini brick, 5/8x5/8 and 2x4 cuts will complete your design projects.