Statuary Crystal Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding Polished White Statuario

Statuary Crystal Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding Polished White Statuario
Statuary Crystal Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding Polished White Statuario
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Product Description

Product is sold by linear foot. List price is for one linear foot of molding.

  • Bullnose Pencil Molding Polished - Premium Grade White Statuary Crystal Marble Italian Bianco Statuario
  • Stone Sizes per Piece:
    Length is 12" (one foot)
    Width is 9/16"
    Thickness is 5/8" from the back of the molding to the top of the rounded peak.
  • Product has a Polished finish.
  • Carefully selected; consistent in size and finish.
  • Large quantities are in stock and readily available in both full pallets and containers.
  • Perfect for use in commercial and residential projects.

Bianco Statuary Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding also known as White Statuario Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding. Premium grade Marble Bullnose Pencil Molding is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. A large selection of coordinating products are available and includes Statuary basketweave mosaics, Statuary herringbone mosaics, Statuary hexagon mosaics, 3x6 marble subway tiles, 4x4 Statuary marble tiles, 6x6 Statuary marble tiles, 18x18 Statuary marble tiles, Statuary borders, Statuary moldings and Statuary baseboards, each available in polished finish. is proud to consistently provide you with the highest quality natural stone products available at the most affordable prices possible. On our site, you will find a wide selection of white carrara marble, statuario carrara, bianco dolomiti, crema marfil, dark and light emperador marble, nero marquina (black marquina marble), afyon gold, calacatta oro, honey onyx, ivory travertine, bardiglio gray and verde laguna green marble products.

We specialize in Carrara Marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone in the quarries of Carrara, Italy. Similar to other natural stones, each piece of carrera marble differs from the others in colors, veining and shades. On the surface of white carrera marble, the various shades and patterns of gray veining and streaks greatly increase the value of any space decorated. Depending on the physical characteristics of the marble, carrera can be classified into different types, such as Bianco Carrara (White Carrera) or Statuary Carrara (Statuario Carrera). Specific names are given to each type of marble to distinguish this stunning marble from similar products, such as Calacatta, Dolomiti and Venato. Bianco Carrara marble was often used in architecture by the ancient Greeks and Romans, usually as exterior cladding, and was favored as a sculpting material, especially during the Renaissance. Michelangelo’s David, for example, is made of Carrera marble. Today, White Carrara marble commonly used in home design as countertops and floor tiles due to its clean, aesthetic qualities.

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